About CUST

Introduction / Background of CUST:

City University College of Science and Technology (CUST) was established in 2008 by a group of committed and experienced individuals who are both entrepreneurs and business management professionals. Their expertise is drawn from diverse fields such as science and technology, business management and marketing as well as from the medical field. CUST was registered with the ministry of education in 2008. The university is currently offering courses in the school of education and the school of business studies. CUST also underwrites qualifications for various affiliate colleges. From June/July 2012 CUST introduced programmes in the School of Health Sciences, offering Diplomas in Clinical Medicine (Clinical Officer General), Diploma in Registered Nursing as well as Diploma studies in other fields such as Environmental Health Sciences, Public Health and School of Computer Science and Technology. The training programmes are aimed at supplementing Government efforts and empowering local communities with skills and primary professional training. The University is also affiliated to the Health Professional Council of Zambia (HPCZ), it is finalizing its registration with the General Nursing of Zambia (GNCZ) by January 2013. The School of Health is located at Pre-cem Motel along the great North road, about 6 kilometeres from Lusaka town. A MOU to work in collaboration with Chainama College of Health Sciences was finalised.

Mission Statement

The concept of CUST was born out of a desire to educate the future of our country and fill up human resource gaps especially in the fields of health, science and technology and in education. Our mission is to provide high quality education, business mindedness; career training and equal opportunity to students from all walks of life to enable them achieve identity, personal development, diversity of thought, wealth creation and make meaningful contribution to society.


CUST’s vision is to become a leading provider of the best, high quality education in areas of business management, education and in science and technology for relevant markets.

Corporate Goals

The University aims at attaining a culture of excellence through integration with various stakeholders who include the students, society at large, professionals and the government. These corporate goals include:-
•Reputable and academic excellence;
•Producing business minded professionals;
•Producing committed and dedicated health and education professionals
•Personal development and retention of staff;
•Regards for freedom from discrimination;
•Lifelong learning;
•Students affairs as a prerequisite to community integration;
•Society is paramount to success.

Legal Status of CUST

CUST is registered with the Zambia Ministry of Education, with its headquarters at Provident House in Lusaka, our collaborating partners include:
• Health Professions Council of Zambia
• General Nursing Council of Zambia
• University of Zambia (School of Medicine)
• Chainama College of Health Sciences

CUST Management
Contact Information
City University College of Science and Technology
Provident House,
4th Floor,Cairo Road
P.O.Box G59 10101 Lusaka,Zambia
+260 (971) 585674
+260 (977) 201148
+260 (955) 226307
E-mail: cityuniversity2008@gmail.com